1. My crappy pano from Saturday afternoon on top of Brokeoff Mountain, Lassen off the right, Mt.Shasta is the big snow covered peak off in the distance in the middle


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  3. Anonymously tell me your feelings for me.

    It doesn’t have to be romantic. Just how you feel in general. I get curious of people’s impressions of me.

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  4. Drive - Under Your Spell [2011]
    By: Justin



  7. "The world of Harry Potter is a place where the mundane and the marvelous, the ordinary and the surreal coexist. It’s a place where cars can fly and owls can deliver the mail, a place where paintings talk and a mirror reflects people’s innermost desires. It’s also a place where death and the catastrophes of daily life are inevitable, and people’s lives are defined by love and loss and hope — the same way they are in our own mortal world." - The New York Times

    "My life revolved around Harry Potter." - Emma Watson

    "I will be devastated (when it’s over). There is nothing I watch without it triggering a series of memories. Everything (about the films) is so linked to my life. At the same time, it is exciting. It is the end.” - Daniel Radcliffe

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    Stan “The Rhino” Efferding


  9. 3:25am


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    Wow I love this

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  11. Absolute mind fuck.

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  13. Really lame post-cardio progress selfie after week 2 of Y3T. Usually do not take these but since I’ve decided to really commit to bodybuilding I guess it’s good to remember where I started. Still working on getting rid of excess fat around my midsection but other wise since I got my diet really dialed in, things are going well. File this away for comparison in another few weeks.


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